Where Luxury Meets Candles!

Meet Izetta, the passionate founder and owner of Margaret Lilly & Company, LLC. In 2018, I embarked on a journey fueled by my love for candles, ultimately giving birth to Margaret Lilly in October 2019. My dedication to crafting each candle by hand is not just a business practice; it's a source of genuine pleasure. I believe that candles should embody relaxation, and the hands-on creation process has been a deeply fulfilling and calming experience for me.

The name "Margaret Lilly" holds a special place in my heart as it is my middle name, and it naturally became the soulful identity of my brand. In the heart of my business lies a dedication to the art of candle making, and one of my most cherished creations is our Signature Wood Wicks and Sips Candle Making Class! Teaching individuals the art of crafting candles, all while indulging in an experience that creates a vibe like no other is why our classes are so popular. Join me on this aromatic journey, where every candle is a reflection of passion, craftsmanship, and the desire to create a space of tranquility and luxury in every household.